@Eskom_SA top execs quit, consumer still get increases, the government…we deserve better!

So if the top brass are jumping ship surely there should be something wrong? However in the midst of it all there is a darker cloud ti seems. The government has chosen to propose a bail out plan that includes huge amounts of money and consumer price increases. Isn’t it strange that soon after this took place two top execs leave the company? It seems to me that there are some fires going on that we are not being given full information of.

Why are we still sitting on this massive price increase issue when government is spending billions on arms deals and other areas when our country is having problems with funding. I am asking our leaders why not put first things first. There are crime, cable theft, water, sewage and power problems that are not being dealt with now. If we as a country do not stop our stupid personal in fighting and power struggle with each other we will have a country that is driven into nothing simply because of our own personal agenda.

Yes, the ANC is the big dog! Who cares! If our country is in darkness because there is no power or because there are no jobs what does that say for the ANC leaders then? The DA are shooting their mouths off about anything the ANC says, it’s like a school yard fight and the ANC is the big bully pulling on the DA pig tails and the EFF are the yapping dog at the heels. What a joke, South Africa deserve better! Get over yourselves and start addressing the real problems, your country is starting to fail and what was once the leading country in Africa is no longer leading simply because of bureaucracy and personal gain. We need state’s men, leaders of good character who get things done instead of talk about it. Leaders who stop thinking about their own gain but instead look at the country as a whole and benefit it’s people. Not one of our country’s leaders do this! It’s time to pull up your sleeves and get your hands dirty and finish the job.

  • If the top two tiers of our country leaders had to give up 10% of their incomes this year, we could possibly build nearly 1000 RDP homes.
  • If we cancel all our deals that do not build our country (IE the arms deals) this year we could place enough money to develop a new power plant.
  • If we re align our spending and cut our capital expenditure by reducing and selling ALL government vehicle and replacing them with a simple mid sized vehicle like a locally made proudly South African manufactured vehicle like a Toyota Corrolla or VW Jetta, we could assign enough money to build 100’s of school rooms.
  • If ALL party and voting campaign money is stopped with immediate effect and is assigned to teaching the teachers in our rural communities we could produce better education for children within the next 3 years.
  • If all the money spent on court hearings for government officials was stopped and they paid their own court costs, we would have enough to provide internet connectivity that has proven statistically to increase the GDP of a country as well as reduce health problems.

I am asking the leaders of our country to stop the bickering and stupidity, get your heads in the right place and start changing our countries plans to align with the needs of the people and of the land. I have not yet spoken about the problems we have with crime. The reports you are seeing right now are false. They are not even showing a true reflection of the numbers in our communities. Until the stolen goods market is squashed, we will have an ever increasing rate of crime.

It’s time for a change and it is not going to be a DA or ANC or EFF, it’s going to come from the people and the leaders will be left aside with nothing if they do not join together to find solutions and put aside their differences, we are South Africa and we deserve better! Let’s make a difference in our country today!



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