TechCentral Lumia 930 review by @Regardt on @TechCentral…

So Regardt van der Berg (@Regardt) did a review of the Nokia Lumia 930 and it was not a bad review and I always enjoy his writing, but there is one MAJOR thing I do not like about tech reviews of the Windows Phone OS devices. Here is my comment which I placed on the site and I encourage you all to add your comments too.

I am a WP owner and I am tired of the stupid app support argument. I have never been lacking in a need for an app. The average user needs a small number of apps and those are already on WP or have better alternatives already on the platform. So when I read an article by some tech guru site the first thing that they mention is how bad the app support is when they have never actually used the environment as an average user. Journalism is supposed to be about the people you are writing for? Well go and take a look at what apps the average user actually uses practically, and lets not look at how many games they use, but I am talking about apps that are valuable and used daily to function. WP has them all and is more than capable of keeping up with the others. I have been using WP8.1 and all the new updates have made this phone in some cases better than the others. Take Cortana, what fun and so quick to understand me. I have all the apps I need and the integration of social media into the phone is far better than the others. Much simpler and faster for us the average daily users. Why not write a review based on the average user next time instead of dissing a system based on the tech know how?

Just to add to the previous point, we are moving forward in technology not backwards. It seems to me that our devices are getting dumber and dumber and people are relying more and more on APPS. WP8.1 is one of the few that still integrate the phone with more than just a bunch of apps. We need devices that are smarter and work for us, not a bunch of apps that do not work together and that do not communicate with each other. We need devices that work with our lives not against it. WP is doing this very well and offers some simpler more fluid ways of doing this.

Regardt van der Berg why not write an article on what apps the average user is actually using on a daily basis. Then once you have got a list of around 1000 users from all walks of life, take that list and then do your phone reviews on how those apps work for those users and which phone best suites those users needs. This could mean that the iPhone might be great for some some apps and certain ways of doing things, while Android may have better ways of doing the nitty gritty and the WP might be better at the general social and photo type apps. This will then give users a true view of what the value of a phone is rather than the sales pitch and the usual tech geek view of a phone. We may be surprised to find that some apps work better on one OS that we were not expecting and others we were. I know that you have to do those bread and butter reviews, but man this would be a real life review that people could actually use. Just a thought!

PS: TechCentral Rocks!


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