@TechCentral review the new @Mecer tablet, but its not a tablet, its a bablet?

The whole world is comparing the full blown PC tablets with those of the Android and iPad versions. When will people start opening their eyes to the fact that they cannot be compared! There are a lot of business cases where a traditional tablet is just not enough and we have to break out a laptop. Here comes the PC tablet. Now all of a sudden it must be compared to a device that is half baked in capacity and power but must be as fast and light as the traditional tablet. What a sham. It’s time to set a new class of device here. We have the PC, the laptop, the phone, the phablet and for the PC tablet we should start a new category called the bablet! Bablets are tablets that have the same ability as the laptop and PC but can be used in the same way that the tablet is used. A bablet is the best of the PC and laptop merged into a single tablet format which gives business users the same mobility that tablets have.

Why change? Well if we continue to compare the tablet with the PC tablet, we will never have a mass market acceptance of the PC tablet and manufacturers will stop making them because the users are turfing them for tablets. The demand will simply die and the world will be stuck with a phone, laptop and tablet to lug around all day long. However of the consumers were to embrace this new class, then the manufacturers may have an open door to start producing something in this arena that is more effective and cheaper.

The flip side of this however is that a more demanding consumer asking for a PC tablet that is the same as a traditional tablet may push the manufacturers into creating something that could actually do the job of both! That would be the perfect match!



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