@RickWarren “Give Jesus your best this Christmas” We actually have a tree too…

A friend sent me the devotional below and I had to smile. We have two daughters and for the last 3 years we have made a cake and put candles on as well. This year however, as I was praying in my quiet time about a month ago God prompted me to create a big Christmas tree with a star on to with the name of Jesus on it. Below the tree are loads of different coloured boxes without any decoration on it. The idea is simple. During our family Bible ring each night before bed, I ask if anyone wants to give a gift to Jesus to put under the tree? The gift is not something you can touch but something you must give from you heart and must give to Jesus for the rest of your life. Once a person writes that gift on a box, they can then decorate it. We spend time also going over each gift as often as we can to remind ourselves what we have chosen to give Jesus this Christmas and every Christmas after this.

Anyone can do this, with your family, at work, at church at the hospital. Something like this is a beacon of hope and inspires us to be better. Habakuk 2:2-4 tells us that if we do this it will come to pass. Give a gift, not just to anyone, this Christmas give a gift to Jesus.


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