Nelson Mandela statue raised in Pretoria, but will it bring the desired result?

So we have a big statue of Nelson Mandela at our parliament buildings in Pretoria. I think he and the statue is a wonderful thing. My question is posed to all the South African’s here in our own country and around the world. Will this inspire you to love your fellow country man as Nelson Mandela did? If we all spent more time loving one another there would be less corruptions, violence, hate, killing and need to steal or cause harm to another person. The world has raised Nelson Mandela up to the status of a saint or a God over this past weekend, and he has done a great deal of good, but he has also murdered people and is the first to claim that he is not special and is simply a man. that means that we can all attain this higher calling to be better people and love our fellow country men and country. But it does start with each one of us in our own hearts first. It does not start with the government or the banker or the taxi driver, no, it starts with all of us individually in our own hearts to show compassion to one another. Even if we get rid of all the crime or corruption in our country, if we do not have love for one another and our country, we will simply slide back into that state again. Yes, the batton has been handed to each one of us and we need to pick it up ourselves first and not wait for something or someone else to pick it up. You can be the difference and change in South Africa right from where you are. Yes, your voice can make a difference.

PS: Once you have picked up that batton and made a change in your heart, stick with it as Nelson Mandela and Jesus did. They did not give up at the first challenge that faced them, no they persevered.

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