@Microsoft to pay @Samsung $1 billion? What does that mean?

It sounds a bit desperate, but there is more to this than meets the eye. Think about how @Microsoft bought Nokia? It started with a big cash injections through an agreement to use the @WindowsPhone OS for their phones. This then worked into more than just that and now we know that the company is bought by @Microsoft. Now @Samsung is far to big and independent a company to do the same thing, but there is also no real reason for @Samsung to bet everything on just one manufacturer. I believe that there is a much bigger plan here that would create a collaboration across all applications. If we go back to the beginning of this year, @Microsoft put out a video with their future vision of what they want to do going into the future and it involved smart appliances, smart screens, smart TV’s, smart homes. @Samsung covers a huge footprint in this arena, it makes perfect sense that @Samsung would be chosen to collaborate all their products with @Microsoft so that that vision can become a reality. Most people are just thinking phone because that is where this agreement seems to be starting, but there are a lot of other visionary ideas behind what a collaboration of these two companies could do.



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