Knideness of a stranger teaches us to love our neighbours…

Sometimes there is a good story on the news that teaches us all that people are still kind and generous. This amazing story teaches us all that kindness and generosity do not have to be seen or even known, but that it is needed. Sometimes, we give and do kind deeds to get claim and fame, but the truth is that just helping a fellow human being should be reward enough without any expectation of reward or response. I believe that we are starting to see this in our community. Love your neighbour as yourself was the word from Jesus in Matthew 22. It is simple and it is not hard, but we often can be too busy doing our own thing to notice that the people living right next to us may be our next greatest friend or may be in serious trouble, but because we are always looking at our own lives we tend to over look them. Community is about loving your neighbour, speaking to them and showing them kindness, whether they respond of not. A simple act of kindness in this story has left an eternal footprint on this family and they do not even know who that person is. That is true kindness.


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