@dstv new PVR looks great, but whith the high data costs in South Africa, who is going to use it?

Fantastic new PVR looks great and offers a lot, but the heavy dependence on downloads of data and the high price of data in South Africa, we need to ask who is this product focused at. Maybe we should buy up all the old machines and turn them into high end media entertainment systems and compete against @DSTV? My question is why can’t @DSTV get this type of stuff into our classrooms in South Africa and make a change to the education levels in our country? Imagine a set of live education channels that are fed questions through SMS and Twitter? Imagine those running all day long. Maybe even get some Wits or UCT courses for adults to enjoy? For educational institutions @DSTV could reduce the costs and monthly fees to help them develop their students while personal homes could run the normal costs or a special educational package could be created exclusively for those homes and families who want a low end cost as well. @DSTV don’t you think it’s time to start giving back more to the people in our country, in places that really need it and not just in a bit here or a bit there. @DSTV you could change the face of education and the education levels in South Africa overnight if you used a very simple formula. Call me if you want to know more.



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