@Microsoft @Bing are working to reduce child abuse searches. Finally the big guys are taking some responsibility, but is it enough?

So they put a pop up, what does that help if it is still easily reachable? Each of these companies know what the time of day is in each of the countries where you do your searches from. Why not limit this material past a certain hour of the day. Why not force all of the X-rated or harmful search material to a new server and location so that there is a different URL to search for that material? These search giants need to be held accountable for the media that they are sending out. Yes, much like broadcasters, the internet should have global boards that allow content controls to be put in place. YouTube allows everyone to watch content that is poor and very destructive to the mind set of impressionable minds. However there are no pg or age ratings on YouTube, however a movie has to have huge warning signs. IT’s time for change.



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