South Africa’s internet, how do we stack up? Come on @Telkom, @Vodacom, @MTN, @CellC, ist’s time to put your battles aside and work for South Africa!

This article shows an independent look at how a strangle hold from operators like @Telkom, @Vodacom, @MTN, @CellC, and all the rest are putting the brakes on our country, when it comes to band width. As we all know the rate of internet penetration in a country is directly related to the GDP, and economic development. The government have even been lagging their heels on getting the right policies in place to improve this and what they are coming up with is crazy. So, the question is who and how are we going to resolve this issue.

Maybe now that the truth is revealed, we will all roll up our sleeves and stop looking at who gets what and start looking instead at what benefits South Africa first then look at what benefits companies. Come on @Telkom, @Vodacom, @MTN, @CellC, get your act together and stop fussing over your little pot and market saturation, it’s time to rise above the turkey’s mentality and start putting things in place that will benefit the whole country. We are South Africa are we not? We have invented the pay as you go cell phone billing right? Why can’t we all join forces to rate number one on this list as the best internet access in the world as well?


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