@ubuntu use crowd funding to make a smartphone???

Man, I am so excited right now that I could burst. @Ubuntu have create a project that could see the realisation of a single device that could be the real answer for all future computing. I think and believe that we really do not need 10 different devices just to run our daily lives. The only reason we use a tablet is to play games and the industry reports show that 85% of users use them for games. So we are actually making ourselves as a civilization dumber and more catatonic by plugging ourselves into these digital devices, instead of using them to our advantage in our business and work days to become more efficient and effective at the things we do on a daily basis. Take for example our daily tasks to get things done. All the tablets have this functionality built into it without downloading anything. Yet people still cannot get things done and always procrastinate what they are supposed to do.

We need something that unifies all this junk and creates an environment where we can increase our productivity by at least 10% and the whole planet could solve world hunger and take a massive chunk out of poverty, simply by increasing our productivity by 10%. But why should we do that when Angry Birds is on? Let’s get real people. Check out how @Ubuntu unify their OS and offer something special. They are the dark horse in the technology race that no one is watching.



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