@Microsoft Holodeck: what would I use it for? Check these ideas out…

@Microsoft Holodeck: I’d use it to walk through times like the dinosaurs era, maybe walk on the Titanic, win Wimbeldon, stand on the Star Trek bridge, visit the moon, pre plan holiday travel to other cities, see wildlife up close, watch tigers in the wild,climb mount Everest, white water rafting through the might Colorado, go treasure hunting with Indiana Jones, score the winning goal at World Cup Soccer, join a SWAT team practise session, visiting massive construction or factory sites, attend live concerts in the front row, go to the real Woodstock, walk through Harvard or Stanford and attend lectures as a student in a live classroom, flight simulator, using this environment to overcome fears of heights or flying, ….

What. Else could this be used for? The possibilities are endless. I am involved in IT and programming and these are the kinds of projects that I wish I could be working on! Go for it @microsoft, I am rooting for you.

PS: I love your new unified Windows 8 strategy, I only wish I had waited a while before I upgraded my phone, but I love the Lumia 900 I have, well done guys!

PPS: You could use live Bing 3D street views in a holodeck to allow people to travel to land mark places from their own home! You could even replace the signage on the billboards or advertising media with adverts from you advertising department, then you can make money without pushing adverts on people, rather just using the ones already in that environment of the holodeck for your own purposes.


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