Just received some persecution today for reading a scripture in public…

Here is the funny part, I was reading Matthew 22 verse 39 in context with showing IT people how to better help their users. The scripture says that we should love our neighbours as ourselves, and I made the point that if we do this with our users, then we will not get frustrated with them and angry with them, instead we will want to find ways to help improve their environment. If I had rather just said that we should put ourselves in the shoes of our users to see how we can help them, then everyone would probably have been quite happy with that, but because it came from the Word of God, it made people feel uncomfortable. Well, the truth will set us free!

Incredibly, I have received a message from another person at that same meeting and they were very excited about this word and wanted to try and do more to help their users after hearing it.

What a huge contrast from the same meeting. Jesus said this will happen, and we should consider it a great joy when we are persecuted for the Word’s sake, so, WAHOO, PRAISE JESUS!


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