@emilswanepoel version 2.0. Week 1 Day 1: So here is the plan…

The plan is simple, loose 10 kg in 9 weeks.

The idea is to hit the gym every morning at 04h30 and train 25 minutes cardio and include a HARD weights session. The diet is very simple, do not eat junk food, choose low gi or nothing, add protein supplements into the diet and focus on cutting out fat. The idea is consistency and small but more meals a day. Today I started late, but I am feeling awesome now. Increased energy levels and muscles are alive. Started the day with some thermogenic capsules, big glass of water and then a 25 minutes stair climber. I thought I was not going to make it, but spent 10 minutes at 145 BPM on my heart rate. WAHOO! High Hive.


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