Are @Google the mark of the beast prophesied in the Bible? Is this the end?

Yes, that is my questions! The Bible talks about a mark of the beast on your head or on your hand. This mark would also be used for commerce (Revelation 13 verse 17).

Recently Google have created a Wallet system that allows you to use their Google payment method by waving your phone in front of the payment system. The phone would normally be held by most people in their hand to make the payment.

Over the past few months Google have also been testing a new heads up display type of glasses that allows you to surf the net or find various things from the glasses.

Is this all an elaborate coincidence or is it the sign that Jesus is coming really soon? Whatever you may think of these comments, it is technology moving forward to make lives easier, but are we checking that our hearts are sold out to Jesus or does all this stuff “cloud” our hearts from knowing that Jesus Christ died on a cross so that we can live an eternal life with Him? Yes, that’s right, Jesus died on a cross for you and I so that we can live eternally in heaven, because He did not create Hell for us. Hell is the final resting place of the Devil and it is more painful, hurting and sickening than anything we can conjure up in our minds, because it is an eternity of pain and fear (Revelation 19 verse 20). There is no party in Hell, no fun, no harem of women waiting for you. Jesus died on the cross because He wants you to choose the path going to Heaven, so that you can live with Him in eternity. He did this, because He loves you dearly.

So what are you waiting for? Tell Jesus that you want to change your path and follow Him. Tell Him, right now, that you want to live with His purpose and plans in your heart and mind. Then go and find a Bible and start reading what His plans are for you, because they are filled with greater and more wonderful things than you can even imagine.

Whatever you may think of my comments, Jesus is still the Son of God and He will be returning sooner than we think, but everyone who calls on His name will be saved. Call out His name now.

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